Dear FIIBians,

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

-Martin Luther King

All of us the two years of the pandemic and now as things are getting better and the world rolls back to normalcy, we look forward to welcoming you into our happening campus fully equipped with all amenities and technical support required for the smooth execution of the program. While we meet at campus soon, the Future Student Website, now shared with you, will give you a quick sneak peek into the much FIIB journey. Your next two years will be packed with learnings, experiences, fun times and more. The website will share a few brief previews of the vibrant stories and also help you gear up for the road ahead.

A very warm welcome once again into the FIIB family, where each day we live with the ideology of building the future managers infused with wisdom, knowledge, empathy & charisma & character At FIIB, where you, ‘Enter to Learn & Leave to Succeed’, together we will partner on a journey towards equipping you with the skills to achieve your career goals but also to help you become strategic thinkers and leaders with the ability to add value to your community on a local or global level.

The classes are still a month away,  I urge you to also stay focused on your academic and career pursuit in the meantime, keep yourself updated on the happenings in the general and business world, read management related books and articles online, visit our online Employability Section on this website as frequently as you can and equip yourself with all the relevant information and resources to keep you meaningfully engaged with the institute, and be ready to start your career building journey with full enthusiasm when the time comes.

As you might know, FIIB was established in 1995 and we have always focused on nurturing the talents of all our students since the inception of this Institute. The two-year learning experience at the institute is designed to help you grow into a confident decision-maker and to take leadership positions in your professional life subsequently. We pride ourselves on creating future leaders and thinkers who have creativity and values.

If there are any queries or doubts you may have at this stage regarding the admission follow up process, fee payment and financing options, preparation for the program, etc., please feel free to reach out to me through email at

I look forward to formally welcoming you to our campus when the new academic year starts, and to our continued interactions in the interim. Meanwhile, please take care and ‘Never Stop Learning’. 

Best Wishes,
Prof. Manpreet Uppal 
Faculty Chair for Orientation & Onboarding Class of 2022-24
Area Chair- Strategy & International Business

Dear Students,

We are delighted to welcome you all, at Fortune Institute of International Business, New Delhi, India.  FIIB is providing quality education in management and serving the business community for the past 27 years since 1995. For years FIIB has been educating aspiring management professionals into responsible managers and leaders of corporations. Always being a value based and student centric institute, we believe in excellence and integrity. We owe this responsibility to provide highly capable human capital to the industry, therefore, we invest our efforts in teaching, training  and transforming students into  future professionals. At FIIB, we all are committed to creating an enriching experience for all of you.

We are really excited to welcome you all and can’t wait to see you all in campus very soon!!!!

With best wishes for your safety and happiness.

Dr. Purnima Rao
Head, Lifelong Learning & Continuing Relations Department (LLRC)