Message from Student Affairs

Dear Racers, 

The Office of Student Affairs is dedicated to enriching the overall student experience while at FIIB, thereby making your two-years MBA life vibrant and lively. The Student Affairs encourages you to take full advantage of institutional resources and support through online or offline mode in developing leadership, interpersonal, time management skills etc. through student engagements, volunteering in social, cultural and sports activities.

The goal of student affairs is to facilitate the students in constructive engagement and personal growth. The student community provides you the opportunity to learn from each other and benefit collaboratively while working for an inclusive and engaging campus.

Akash Mathews

Manager – Students Affairs

FIIB LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM is designed to help you learn new leadership techniques and refine old skills to run your team, including assertive communication, motivation methods, and coaching.

It consists of Student President, Vice Presidents, Academic Reps, Club Co-Heads, Experiential Representatives. All these positions come with responsibilities and duties which will not only help you grow personally and professionally but also prepare you to be LEADERS.

Being a part of the Student Council is the highest honour and rank bestowed upon the selected few students, bringing in many responsibilities and challenges. Students selected for these posts become role models for other students to follow and look up to.

Students Club

Students Clubs at FIIB are the most exciting part of the journey of PGDM. The various club activities give you a  sense of “Learning by doing”.

All clubs are to be entirely student-driven. Students organise the club activities under the guidance of the faculty advisor and Office of Student Affairs.  

Being a Club Co-Head is an excellent platform for the selected students to develop a sense of responsibility, organizational & decision-making skills. It helps in teaching the right attitude desired by the corporate at the time of recruitment.

How to choose a student club

Student Clubs are an important part in the growth of a student as they polish the essential life skills of students to enter and sustain the corporate world. They give the chance to build skill sets, learn collaboration, and enhances the employability of students. A short video on how to choose and make the best out of your student clubs at FIIB.

Take a break from those regular classroom & lectures sessions and participate in sports activities to regain physical strength. Sound strange? But this is what FIIB students have experienced recently!

Beginnings can be very exciting. Our silver jubilee batch began their trek to their long-term success today, and this is a short video of such a student’s first few hours at FIIB. Let the race begin..#NoHypeMBA

Employability is the central concern for both higher ed institutes and corporates – that’s why students should clearly know how their career paths look like and that’s what we ensure at FIIB before their campus placements.

FIIB’s unique mentoring orientation day is the first of many mentor-mentee interactions and the beginning of a beautiful bond between the student and their mentor. Beautiful beginnings..#NoHypeMBA

Our silver jubilee batch has started their enriching educational journey with us. Catch the glimpses of some of the best moments of the day while our students were gleefully exploring and making new connections at FIIB.Endless possibilities..#NoHypeMBA

A student perspective to the life at FIIB. The journey that one can live in FIIB

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