About Us

Our Mission

We, at FIIB solemnly stand to accomplish our mission to give all our stakeholders a collaborative opportunity to come together in pouring the light of knowledge in all

OUR MISSION IS….To advance the practice of management, and produce leader-managers of business and social relevance.

FIIB facilitates the realization of the inherent potential in each student through experiential education that leads the individual towards a self-motivated path in aspiring for perfection, personal success, professional achievement and responsible citizenship. 

Our Vision

To be a leading business school globally recognized for excellence in management education.

Core values of FIIB are: 

  • We do what is right  
  • We hold ourselves accountable
  • We reach out to collaborate
  • We strive for excellence
  • We give and command respect

We supplement these universal core values with specific business-related values: Integrity, Diversity, Creativity, Social Responsibility and Ethics.


To develop success-ready leader-managers who drive growth in their communities and professions.


An exemplary individual focused and career oriented education that challenges every student to develop the right attitude, problem solving abilities and management skills for their long term career success FIIB for many reasons is one of the Top B-Schools in Delhi/NCR

WHY? – excellent credentials and associations, a judicious mix of rigorous industry-driven curriculum, accomplished and well-connected alumni network, outstanding experiential learning opportunities, competent faculty, personalized mentoring, meaningful student life experiences, and a gamut of employability skills enhancing initiatives that will prepare you well to embark on a rewarding career path.


By providing a strong knowledge foundation, rigorous experiential training and a career-empowering community


FIIB – A place for Smart, Spirited, Purposeful, Dynamic and Focused Management Graduates to explore the world of infinite opportunities and target long-term career success.

Our students, alumni, as well as the faculty and staff members through their actions make FIIB, and hence FIIB-ians truly unique and distinctive. Together, we all stand for one belief – #NoHypeMBA – a serious, hard working culture with commitment to learning and excellence

Getting familiar with the faces who are going to be a part of your two years MBA journey will help you to feel connected with the place even more.

Racer Anthem

Everywhere we go, people want to know; Who we are and where we come from; So we tell them – We are the RACERS; mighty, mighty RACERS. Hear our inspirational anthem, and know what it means to be a RACER. Feeling the pride…#NoHypeMBA