Words of Wisdom

Strong relationships with the corporate world have always been the Institute’s main priority. The students benefit immensely with this kind of approach as they are aware about the latest developments which makes it easier for them to adapt to tough and challenging situations with ease.

Motivating employee is an important factor of increasing productivity. Learn from CEO of a leading directly.

A much need insightful industry facts explained by a influential personality

Your advice for preparing for professional challenges that soon-to-graduate MBA’s can expect from the world of work in the wake of CoVID-19 – right from getting hired to thriving in their immediate careers?

Explore reflections and learnings needed to succeed in the hyper-competitive business world.

The most important thing to implement while in an organisation is: To know the job at hand completely and to know the right people. Being good to them under all circumstances is crucial because everyone is indispensable. Such were the the pearls of wisdom

Getting laid-off is traumatic in the least, and can be devastating. This talk is given by a corporate employee who completely changed paths and rebuilt his life after he was fired from his job. He shares many life lessons, including his learnings from one month he spent in an Indian jail.

Challenge after challenge how do you never give up? How do you ensure that one bad day doesn’t impact your next day? And more importantly how do you keep the newness alive in your life?

After being forced by economic circumstances — the last big US recession — to sell her business of nearly 30 years, Susan moved thousands of miles away from home to build a life and career of her dreams.